Walmart recently built a new Super Center in Cleveland to replace its aging facilities on the north end of town. The new attractive location doubled the previous store’s sales tax revenue.  It draws shoppers from multiple counties and employs over 118 residents.

Cleveland Area Hospital

Cleveland Area Hospital is a 14-bed, non-profit, critical access hospital. We are the only hospital in Pawnee county and serve a rural population of more than 25,000 residents. Our hospital provides emergency care to rural residents who otherwise may have to travel greater than 40 miles for healthcare. In addition to emergency services the hospital provides state of the art radiology services, laboratory, and inpatient care, as well as outpatient infusion and nurse care services, a fully equipped rehabilitation center and a primary care clinic.

With 150 average  employees, the hospital plays an integral role in the financial feasibility of this local community, as well as surrounding communities. Through the dedication and commitment of our employees we are proud to remain one of the few independently owned and operated rural hospitals in Oklahoma. Cleveland Area Hospital was founded on a “ministry of healing” which has remained since we opened our doors in 1963.

The vision for Cleveland Area Hospital is to become a Regional Healthcare provider, with a reputation for providing exceptional quality care beyond our county lines. Our team members have provided the passion and inspiration for the vision and they carry out the necessary steps to achieve it.

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