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The Pawnee County Economic Development Board is the economic development organization for Pawnee County, Oklahoma. We represent the cities of Pawnee, Cleveland, Ralston and Hallett as well as the communities in the surrounding counties of Osage and Creek County.

Pawnee County Economic Development Board works for the existing and new business and industry for all communities of Pawnee County. We offer existing and new business/industry programs for all companies, regardless of size or scope of business.

The Pawnee County Economic Development Board works with the Chamber of Commerce, local government, and regional/state economic development agencies to bring new industry to the area. We also are members of Northeast Oklahoma Economic Development group whose regional mission is to attract businesses that boost the economy of the entire region.

Our Mission

The Pawnee County Economic Development Board is committed to our existing and future industries in helping them to be competitive in the world market place so employment will flourish in our county and region.

Dick Tracy is an American comic strip featuring a tough and intelligent police detective created by Chester Gould of Pawnee, Oklahoma in 1931.
Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show

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Pawnee County Economic Development
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